Cougar sightings in Michigan: Are they growing? What you need to understand

Cougar sightings in Michigan: Are they growing? What you need to understand

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We have now have five verified cougar sightings in Michigan this present year. Discover everything you need to discover.

This week, the Michigan DNR confirmed two brand new cougar sightings, which results in five sightings this present year in Michigan.

Since 2008, the DNR provides verified 43 cougar sightings, with just one find here of those arriving the low Peninsula in 2017. Oftentimes, these reports may include numerous sightings of the same cougar, not always 43 specific creatures.

The kinds in Michigan is detailed because put at risk and it is safeguarded under state legislation. The DNR have a ton of details on cougars during the county. Let us read some common questions.

Can there be a people of wild cougars in Michigan?

Cougars, also called hill lions, comprise initially indigenous to Michigan, but happened to be extirpated from Michigan all over turn for the millennium. The last understood wild cougar lawfully drawn in hawaii took place 1906 near Newberry.

There’ve been routine research of cougar sightings since then from various locations in Michigan. This example is certainly not unique to Michigan, and it has come happening in lot of other mid-western and eastern claims besides.

If cougars were here, in which performed they come from?

Centered on reported research, cougars observed in Michigan could possibly be escaped or released animals. Or, they could be transient or dispersing cougars through the nearest understood reproduction populations in North and Southern Dakota. These communities were over 900 miles from Michigan.

The state playground solution possess done road and walk studies and trail digital camera security before, built to detect cougars in Sleeping Bear Dunes nationwide Lakeshore. No proof of cougars has been discovered.

Are there any pet cougars or amazing large pets like leopards and African lions in Michigan?

A few people which possessed cougars or huge kittens in advance of 2000 are authorized your can purchase these pets. It’s been unlawful to get a cougar or large unique pets including African lions, leopards, and jaguars, in Michigan since 2000. No new licenses are being issued.

The DNR from time to time gets reports of dishonestly had large animal cats including cougars, and contains confiscated these animals. It’s possible that escaped or revealed dog cougars account fully for about some for the sightings in Michigan.

Exactly what ought I perform easily encounter a cougar? What exactly do they appear like?

The cougar usually weighs between 90 and 180 lbs, with a few big guys topping 200 lbs. Cougars were brown to brown. Grown cougars posses a human anatomy size about 5-6 ft longer from nose to base of end. The end try long and heavy with a black tip. The pinnacle is fairly small compared to the human anatomy. Cougars are primarily nocturnal although they tends to be productive during the day.

Chances of encountering a cougar in the great outdoors are small and assaults are incredibly uncommon. Should you discover a cougar:

Include sightings on the rise?

Information on sightings can be obtained going back to 2008. (2008 occurs when the DNR started evaluating and examining cougar sightings with a standardized procedure. It’s likely that individuals posted observations previous that period.)

In line with the DNR, seven sightings are reported last year plus in 2012. In 2015, there were six sightings. Right after which, between 2016 and 2018, there had been merely three total sightings.

Some tips about what the DNR says concerning the latest increase:

“Regarding there being an increase in verified sightings, that is not likely. We have got 5 verifications this season, all rather not too long ago, nevertheless they could all be equivalent animal probably. There is no way to make sure of the. With the amount of individuals having path cameras from inside the forests this time of year, “catching” an animal on digital camera is far more probably. Thus, chances are we are creating more folks turn in their own photographs. Occasionally we have various verifications because a comparable scenario.”

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